Christian Faith in a Scientific Culture
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Christian Faith in a Scientific Culture

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A joint meeting of the ASA Boston Chapter and the Harvard Graduate Christian Fellowship.

Discussion led by Randy Isaac

Wednesday February 20, 2019 7:00pm

1st Floor Parlor Room, Phillips Brooks House, Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA

What does it mean to live a life of Christian faith in today’s scientific culture? Randy Isaac will share some thoughts from his experience as a physicist and research executive at IBM TJ Watson Research Center. He will consider what difference it makes to be a Christian in the scientific community and a scientist in the Christian community. As Christians, it is vital that we consider carefully how our faith relates to our vocation. Randy will present some ideas of how to think about the relationship between Christianity and science, using the two-book model of God’s revelation as a basis.

Randy Isaac received his BS in physics from Wheaton College and a MS and PhD in physics from the U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His career was at IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center where he served as VP of Systems, Technology, and Science with worldwide responsibility for computer hardware research and for basic science. After retirement, he was Executive Director of the American Scientific Association, a network of Christians in the sciences, for 11 years. He is now writing and speaking about basic issues of Christian faith and science.