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Ian Hutchinson

Lecture at ASA Boston Chapter meeting on April 26, 2013

The relationship between science and Christianity is all too often portrayed as warfare, despite the historical fact that many of the founders of the scientific revolution were Christians. Those of us who follow Jesus and are scientists can testify to an experience of compatibility between our faith and our science. However, there actually IS a warfare. It is not between science and religion, though. It is between scientism (the presumption that science is all the real knowledge there is) and lots of other approaches to knowledge, including Christianity. In this talk, drawn from his recent book entitled Monopolizing Knowledge, Ian Hutchinson will examine some of the history and characteristics of scientism and explain its distinction from the real practice of science.

Ian Hutchinson is Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at MIT and is an ASA Fellow.

Audio Part 1 (30 min, mp3, 28MB)

Audio Part 2 (27 min, mp3, 25MB)

Audio Q&A (39 min, mp3, 18MB)