Select Your Member Type

Anyone interested in the objectives of the Affiliation may have a part in the ASA. All categories of ASA membership (except for Followers) include a subscription to the ASA journal, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (PSCF). Student Basic and Family memberships include an electronic-only subscription.

Are you already an ASA member or were you ever previously a member? Then you're already registered so please don't register again. Contact us at for your username or try your email address as username and click on 'Forgot your password?'.

Here is a list of our various membership types:

Regular Member: Open to all persons with at least a bachelor’s degree in science who can give assent to our statement of faith. Science is interpreted broadly to include anthropology, archaeology, economics, engineering, history, mathematics, medicine, political science, psychology, and sociology as well as the generally recognized science disciplines. Philosophers and theologians who are interested in science are very welcome. Members have voting privileges and can hold office. Regular Member dues are $85/year.

Associate Member: Available to interested non scientists who can give assent to our statement of faith. Associates receive all member benefits and publications and take part in all of the affairs of the ASA except voting and holding office. Associate Member dues are $85/year.

Family Member: Family members of regular members may qualify for a reduced rate of $15/year. Select your requested member type and later you will be able to select "family" rates. Family members are defined as household members residing at the same address. The PSCF subscription is electronic-only.

Follower: Receive our free mailings and annual meeting notices for ASA and local chapters.

Subscriber: Subscriptions to Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith (PSCF) are available at $50/year (individuals), $90/year (institutions) and $20/year (students).

Student Member: Available to anyone enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program or advanced high school students. Choose from two options. Basic: Free of charge for electronic publications and communications only; no voting rights; Premier: $20/year for print copies of PSCF and mailings as well as electronic publications and communications; voting rights.

Complimentary Member: Full-time missionaries serving abroad are entitled to a complimentary membership. If you qualify, please contact Becky at for a promo code to register. 

Friend: An individual or student wishing to participate in the ASA without giving assent to our statement of faith may become a Friend. Friends may select the membership for which they qualify. All benefits apply with the exception for voting rights and holding office. Friend dues are the same as the selected membership type.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Becky, Membership and Outreach Manager at