The American Scientific Affiliation: Its Growth and Early Development

F. Alton Everest, one of the five founding fathers of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA), documents the early growth and development of the ASA, from 1941 to 1985. Included are the accounts of how the ASA was formed, named, and structured; descriptions of the early conventions, publications, and reviewing function; the "position” of the ASA; and its relationship with the Creation Research Society and the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation. A unique behind-the-scenes account of the early decades of an enduring faith-science evangelical institution that details the founding meetings, the development of organizational policies and structure, and the struggles to survive during World War II. Descriptions of early conventions, publications, the role of ASA in controversial questions, and the governance of a growing organization encompassing the full range of the sciences, philosophy, and theology provide insight into its current role in faith-science discussion.