Mystery of the Cosmological Constants
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The first ASA chapter meeting of the fall season was held on Friday, October 2, 2015, at the Thirsty Ear pub at MIT, 235 Albany St, Cambridge, MA. It was a special feature that will complete a trilogy of presentations. Our meeting featured a discussion of "The Mystery of the Cosmological Constants: Evidence for the Existence of God?" with ASA Fellows Walter Bradley taking the Yes position and Randy Isaac taking the No position. The same discussion was held at two invitation-only events at the Cambridge Roundtable dinner at the Harvard Faculty Club on September 30 and at Brown University on October 1. We could call this the rubber match?

The recommended background readings in preparation for this discussion were these two short selections from

a. Allan Lightman, The Accidental Universe, Chapter 1

b. Amir Aczel, Why Science Does Not Disprove God, Chapter 11


We had a great time at the Thirsty Ear. For those of you who attended, these photos and recordings will help you remember what happened. For those of you who couldn't attend, you can get an idea of what happened.

1. ASA Fellow Craig Story introduced the topic and Walter Bradley who gave the opening talk. The audio file is here and his slides can be seen here. This photo shows Walter starting his presentation.

2. Then Craig introduced Randy Isaac who gave a response. His audio file is here and the photo during his presentation.

3. Finally, there was a half-hour of Q&A which you can hear here and see them in action.