LIfting Up Series -- CWIS Member Stories
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                                                    CWIS Lifting Up Series                  

The Lifting Up Series is meant to do just that -- lift up current CWIS members by sharing a short interview of their thoughts, so that other CWIS members might be lifted up as well!  We are just getting started, with our first interview below.  If you would like to offer your thoughts on these questions, feel free to write up your answers and send to us.  If you have suggestions of people to try to interview, or any other feedback, let us know at  . 

 Dr. Katharine HayhoeAssociate
Professor in the Public Administration Program, and Director of the Climate Science Center, at Texas Tech Univ.

 Bethany SollerederPhD candidate in theology at the University of Exeter in Great Britain.  Dr. Gayle Ermer, tenured professor of mechanical engineering, Calvin College 
 Dr. Debra Schwinn, tenured professor of anesthesiology, pharmacology, and biochemistry, and Dean, at University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

 Dr. Pat Fitzgerald-Bocarsly, tenured professor of immunology at New Jersey Medical School at Rutgers   Dr. Deb Haarsma, President, BioLogos
 Dr. Sara Miles, Founding Dean Emerita of Esperanza College of Eastern University, retired  Dr. Ruth Douglas Miller, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University