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Contact us:  CWIS.ASA@gmail.com


Christian Women in Science (CWIS) is an affiliate group of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA). Founded in 1941, ASA is an international network of Christians in the sciences. The mission of CWIS is to encourage Christian women of all ages to pursue, sustain, and grow in a career in science, technology, engineering or math, and to encourage women in these endeavors to pursue, sustain, and grow in the Christian faith. Christian Women in Science was founded in July 2013.


Some people are skeptical that we need an organization like CWIS today.  But the truth is, women earn fewer than a third of the PhDs in computer sciences, earth, atmospheric, and ocean sciences; mathematics and statistics; physical sciences; and engineering. Many of the women with PhDs in science and engineering leave the workforce or academia soon after they begin employment.  (The extent of this problem is described in Rosser, S.V., Taylor, M. Z. "Why Are We Still Worried about Women in Science?” in Academe, magazine for the American Association of University Professors, May-June 2009. )   The data from the prestigious "Science Indicators” from the National Science Foundation, discussing all types of STEM degrees and employment, offer more proof of the need for CWIS.  This set of slides (prepared for the July 2013 launch of CWIS), and this handout, shows numbers that aroused some passions among women in ASA and gave birth to CWIS. 

Take a look yourself.  Our sisters in Christ need support to pursue and stay engaged in science.  Our sisters in science -- who are not Christians -- need to understand, at least, that many Christian viewpoints are not in conflict with science.  This is what we are about in CWIS.  If you haven’t already, come join us!  See the info here to join CWIS – to help others and to help yourself.  

Become a CWIS member!  Two ways: 

1.  If you haven't already, first join the American Scientific Affiliation on the ASA website here. Click on CWIS as a group you want to join.Your membership donation helps support both ASA and CWIS. Membership fees range from free up to $85/yr, depending on your situation.  If you think CWIS is important, please help by becoming a paid member!
2.  Or if you are an ASA member, become a member of CWIS by logging in to the ASA home page, and clicking on Chapters and Groups. The drop down will take you to Affiliates and then CWIS. On the CWIS Homepage, click on "join group."
3. Then, put up this flyer at your school or organization, if you can!