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Welcome to the Christian Women in Science Links and Resources Page!  These are organizations that you may find valuable for networking, information, blogs, events, or other ideas.  If you have any suggestions or comments about links and resources, please contact us at .  


The Well at Intervarsity.  "The Well -- a gathering place for women in graduate school and beyond...The image of the well taken from Scripture is one of women coming together around their daily work and gathering at their local water source to retrieve what was necessary to survive and thrive. As they drew water, they had the opportunity to talk, laugh, share concerns, and glean wisdom from one another.  We seek to provide similar opportunities at The Well."

Dear Mentor at The Well.  CWIS members are encouraged to go to The Well (a great website for Christian women graduate students run by Intervarsity) and visit their "Dear Mentor" page.  You will find answers to lots of questions that Christian women graduate students have submitted already, from the board of mentors The Well has recruited.  Several of these mentors are Christian Women in Science!  So instead of starting our own Dear Mentor column, we are teaming up with The Well.  Visit their website to see what is already posted.  You can submit a new question to their website, or email to us at CWIS (above), and we'll work with the folks at The Well to get it answered and posted.

Association for Women in Science. "Multidisciplinary society which represents women across the entire spectrum of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields; today's premiere leadership organization advocating the interests of women in science and technology. For nearly 40 years, the Association for Women in Science has fought for equity and career advancement for women – from the bench to the board room.  We unite women through our nationwide network of chapters and partnerships with aligned professional organizations. Our success is dependent upon the diversity of our members, our corporate and institutional partners and our sponsors -- all of whom are committed to the advancement of women's leadership in STEM."

Huffington Post "Girls in STEM" Programs.  The Huffington Post covers all sorts of things, but recently they have put a major emphasis on the issues and challenges of encouraging girls and women in STEM education and careers.  They have a very active blog with lots of good articles and inspiring info, a weekly newsletter you can sign up for, and more.

MentorNet.   MentorNet’s mission is to foster a pervasive culture of mentoring in STEM fields that readily transfers expertise and experience from professional to students. They have a proven track record, and as of January 2014 are expanding their program.  They have shown interest in working with CWIS this spring to mentor Christian women.

Million Women Mentors.  Million Women Mentors is an engagement campaign and national call to action that mobilizes corporations, government entities, non-profit and higher education groups, around the imperative of mentoring girls and young women in STEM fields.  This just launched (Jan 2014), and they have 43,000 mentors (men and women) signed up.  They are working in partnership with MentorNet.




Test of Faith--Does Science Threaten Belief in God?  The introductory resource materials developed for the "Test of Faith" project, by the Faraday Institute for Christianity and Science (Cambridge), may answer important questions for you, your small group, or your church. The affordable DVD, Book, Leader's Guide, and Study Guide were prepared with inputs from Christian scientific leaders in both the U.S. and Great Britain. 

Christian Medical and Dental Associations / Women in Medicine and Dentistry (WIMD).  WIMD strives to be the key resource for Christian women physicians and dentists in integrating their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.  Mission: To encourage and support Christian women physicians and dentists as we share the unique challenges of our multiple roles.