How We're Organized
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Our chapter is governed by a Council of typically nine (9) elected members from around southern California.

The Council nominates and elects a Chair and a Secretary at the start of their first meeting. The Council has the option to also nominate and elect a Vice-Chair, if desired.

A Webmaster is selected separately via general election, as this particular office requires a specialized skillset. The Webmaster is considered a member of the Council, but does not vote.

Council member terms are 2 years. Elections are held in the Spring of odd-numbered years. 

Council members work together to organize and oversee the following Chapter meetings:

  • January day conference
  • Spring and fall chapter meetings
  • Get-together at ASA Annual meeting (summer) 

The Council may meet as needed and when reasonable, especially in conjunction with the Chapter meetings. To avoid unnecessary travel, the Council seeks to conduct as much of its business as possible via email, phone and/or virtual meetings. 

The following is a brief description of the offices and typical responsibilities. These are guidelines; the Council may agree to redistribute responsibilities or make other adjustments to the benefit of the Chapter.

  • Organize meetings
  • Facilitate meetings
Vice-Chair (optional)
  • Assist or fill in for Chair as needed
  • Communicate with ASA home office
  • Write reports and minutes
  • Manage chapter funds
  • Maintain social media
  • Maintain chapter web site
  • Administer surveys, elections, etc.

Council Member

  • Vote on motions
  • Contribute ideas for guest speakers
  • Assist with event planning and logistics