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Episode 2 (April 16th, 2014) 5 K. Furman Randy, you notice the phrasing in the formula "to adapt to stress X, species Y developed adaptation Z"   which is interesting, and I see your point. It would be more correct to state it as "adaptation Z was selected in response to stress X and provided species Y a way to survive in a new environment"  right?  That also sounds teleological. There is the term "was selected" but a moment's reflection reveals that of course nobody is actually doing the selection. It is quite impersonal. "Nature"  is selecting.  I have a feeling that will not be any more palatable to folks who want God's hand doing the selecting. Sorry I have not kept up with these good conversations! 
by C. Story
Monday, June 9, 2014
Episode 3 (April 23, 2014) 4 R. Isaac There is a talk, "Is Teleology still a Useful Concept in Biology?", that speaks to that very question.  Its by Dr Harvey McMahon on the Faraday multimedia site and given in 2013.  I don't remember getting a whole lot out of it other than what you might expect -- yes, they talk in such terms but don't really mean it in the way folks might take it, but isn't it remarkable. And yes, I'm sure your right that "common ancestor" is shorthand for ancestral population in the way that it is used in the show, especially since they'll never be able to pinpoint an ancient individual from whom you are a direct descendant.  But, wouldn't that be interesting to be able to remember and honor your great, great, great,...grandfather fish who died on such and such a date  ;-o) ?
by K. Furman
Friday, April 25, 2014
Episode 1 (April 9, 2014) 10 R. Isaac Good to know and good to have the text of that notable scene in one of my favorite movies, Princess Bride.  Thanks!My grandfather didn't have it and neither do I or my 5 kids. So, my dad's must have been a less common recessive form, I expect.
by K. Furman
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Your Inner Fish 1 R. Isaac You can also see the videos ONLINE and catch the pre-series preview at Shubin's, "Your Inner Fish", book that the series springs from is available in various formats on Amazon. It is a excellent audio book that I recommend and is available there or via iTunes.  You can also search and pre-order a DVD set of the series at least on Amazon.  Where and when to watch 
by K. Furman
Wednesday, April 9, 2014