Hubble Law --> Hubble-Lemaitre Law
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9/17/2018 at 10:05:33 PM GMT
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Hubble Law --> Hubble-Lemaitre Law

Last month (August), the IAU met and decided to take a vote on changing the Hubble Law to become the "Hubble-Lemaitre Law".  They will use electronic voting to get greater participation.  [The Pluto demotion vote appeared mishandled so they seem to be avoiding those voting issues of the past, at least in this case.]

Abbe Georges Lemaitre (Belgian priest with a PhD from MIT) was the first to propose the expanding universe in a scientific manner (1927).  [Edgar Allan Poe had suggested it in a poem written in 1848.]  Lemaitre did this with his knowledge of General Relativity and a couple years before Hubble had discovered the correlation of distance and redshift.  [Hubble never chose to call it expansion leaving theory to the theorists.]

The entrenched Static Theory held the universe essentially immutable, so it seemed a bit absurd to many that our universe may have had a beginning.   Einstein initially looked at Lemaitre's paper and, by some accounts, considered his math as fine but his physics "abominable".  

I think most expect the vote to go without much of a.... Bang!

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