ASA Summer Something Series 2020


The ASA 2020 Summer Something Series was a success!

The pandemic dismantled our best-laid plans for a face-to-face annual conference, but we still did something virtually during the week of July 20–July 26, 2020.

The vision for the ASA 2020 Summer Something Series was to provide you with targeted opportunities to connect for scholarship, fellowship, networking, and professional development. We may have been apart in body, but these moments together united us in spirit. They reminded us of who Christ is and who we are because of him. And they provided us with opportunities for looking to Jesus as our model of contentment—he who came not to be served, but to serve.


During the week of July 20–July 26, 2020, we offered the following opportunities....

Monday through Saturday – Daily devotionals. Each morning we sent out words of encouragement from our members. Full text links below:

Monday, July 20 at 3 pm EDT – Prayer and praise time. We are praying for you regularly. Join the ASA prayer committee to offer praise to God and to pray our world as a whole.

Tuesday, July 21 at 2 pm EDT – Brown bag lunch with Audrey Bowden. A one hour “lunch break” with a video presentation and live Q&A with Audrey. Click here to read her abstract. A recording of this event is available here.

Wednesday, July 22 at 7 pm EDT – Fellows Roundtable Dinner with David Thom from the Cambridge Roundtable on Science and Religion.

Thursday, July 23 at 2 pm EDT – Brown bag lunch with James Sherley. A one hour “lunch break” with a video presentation and live Q&A with James. Click here to read his abstract. A recording of this event is available here.

Friday, July 24 at 7 pm EDT – State of the ASA. At our retooled business meeting, the ASA leadership team reflected on the past and provided an update of our plans and vision for the ASA this year. We met outstanding student ASA members, the Class of 2020 ASA Fellows, and remembered members who have gone to glory this past year. A recording of this event is available here.

Friday, July 24 at 8:30 pm EDT - Virtual Ice Cream Social. Members were reminded to "bring your own ice cream" and join us for one of the most popular social events of our annual conference, the ice cream social.

Saturday, July 25 from 1 pm–4 pm EDT – Student and Early Career Mini-Conference. Praveen Sethupathy, Cornell University Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences, spoke on "Growing in Your Vocation as a Science Professional," helping us explore ways of building trust as Christians in the scientific workplace. There was an opportunity to connect with colleagues and mentors in interactive groups. A recording of this event is available here.

Saturday, July 25 at 4 pm EDT – Christian Women in (or interested in) Science (CWiS) Live After Party. A time of social interaction and getting to know each other better.

Sunday, July 26 at 12 pm EDT – Worship Service. Sunday morning worship, ASA style: a quintessential ASA family get together singing hymns, praying together, and hearing God’s word. We took up our traditional Sunday morning offering as well as heard from Sean McDonough, a Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary New Testament Scholar. A recording of this event is available here.

Sunday, July 26 at 1:00 pm EDT - Coffee hour. Members joined us after the worship service for a virtual coffee hour. This was an informal online gathering for fellowship and catching up.