ASA 2019 Plenary Speakers
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Gerald Gabrielse

Physicist Gerald Gabrielse is a leader in super-precise measurements of fundamental particles and the study of anti-matter. Past chair of the Harvard University physics department, he is Trustees Professor and Director of the Center for Fundamental Physics at Northwestern University. His application of the techniques of atomic physics to make super-precise measurements of the electron plays an important role in particle physics. Gabrielse started the low-energy anti-proton and anti-hydrogen research program at the CERN laboratory in Europe, involving hundreds of researchers in studies of anti-matter. Gabrielse’s studies of the anti-proton and anti-hydrogen atom test a very fundamental law of physics. This law, known as “CPT invariance,” relates charge, parity, and time. If Gabrielse were to find the law to be violated, even at the tiniest level, then theoretical physics would face a huge challenge.

Gabrielse is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS), a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has received many distinguished awards, including the Julius Lilienfeld Prize and the Davisson-Germer Prize, both from the APS; Italy’s Tomassoni Prize; the Humboldt Research Award from Germany’s Alexander von Humboldt Foundation; the Trotter Prize from Texas A&M University, and the George Ledlie Prize for exceptional research from Harvard. Of his many prestigious awards, he is most proud of Harvard’s Levenson Memorial Teaching Prize for excellence in undergraduate teaching. He is a regular speaker to church audiences on the intersection of science and faith.