Meet the ASA Executive Council
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President: Stephen Moshier

STEPHEN O. MOSHIER is a Professor of Geology, Wheaton College and serves as Chair of the Department of Geology and Environmental Science. Previous professional experience included working in the petroleum industry and a faculty position at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Moshier’s teaching responsibilities cover areas of Earth history, sedimentology and stratigraphy, and geoarchaeology. His professional interests were originally focused on ancient carbonates and petroleum geology. Since 1998, he served as team geologist for several archaeological expeditions in the Sinai, Egypt and Israel. Moshier is also engaged in dialog on science and faith, particularly with regard to Earth origins and history. He is the member of several professional societies, past president of the Kentucky Geological Society, and current Executive Council President the American Scientific Affiliation. Moshier has contributed articles to many professional geoscience journals, book reviews, and chapters to both technical and popular books. Steve and his wife Carol live in St. Charles IL.


Vice-President: John Wood

John is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at The King’s University in Edmonton. He completed his BA in Biology at North Park University, Chicago. MSc-Biology at Central Washington University and his PhD is from the University of California, Berkeley, in Stream Ecology and Insect Behaviour. Current research includes the behaviour of urban White-tailed Jackrabbits and campus sustainability. He and psychologist, Dr. Heather Looy, have explored our cultural blind spot toward accepting food insects - one aspect of Western exceptionalism. Before moving to Canada in 1989 John taught for 6 years at Simpson College, then in San Francisco. His professional work includes the development and review of undergraduate environmental science programs, and he is a reviewer for the ECO Canada national accreditation process for environmental science and environmental studies programs.



Member: Terry Gray

Terry M. Gray received his B.S. in Molecular Biology from Purdue University in 1980 and his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Oregon in 1985. He has been a biology, chemistry, and biochemistry instructor/professor at Calvin College, Colorado State University, and Front Range Community College. He was also a staff scientist in the Chemistry Department at Colorado State University where he wore many hats: IT support, network and system administration, instructional computing, and computational chemist. He has conducted research in the areas of protein structure, stability, and folding at the University of Oregon, Calvin College, and Texas A&M University. Energy is a mid- to late-career interest being spurred on by teaching Chemistry 103, the chemistry course for non-science majors, and Natural Sciences 640, "Energetics for Educators," a course on energy topics for science teachers, at Colorado State University. From those teaching efforts he has co-written two eTextbooks: Energy: What the World Needs Now and Molecules of Life with a Chemistry Bootcamp. He has been a Christian as far back as he can remember and has been interested in the intersection of religion and science most of that time. In 7th grade he wrote a defense of the compatibility of evolution with the Biblical account of Adam and Eve for some anti-evolutionist friends he went to church with. More recently he was active in dialog with Philip Johnson, Mike Behe, and others in the Intelligent Design movement. That dialog ultimately landed him in the midst of controversy in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church over faith-science and human origins matters. He contributed two chapters to Perspectives on an Evolving Creation, edited by Keith Miller (2003, Eerdmans). He has been a member of the ASA since 1994. For many years he maintained and "moderated" the ASA email discussion list and with Jack Haas was active in developing and maintaining the ASA web site during its first two decades. With Randy Isaac and Emily Ruppel he was the recipient of an Evolution and Christian Faith grant from BioLogos to improve the accessibility of ASA on-line resources. In 2016 he published "ASA Does Not Take an Official Position on Controversial Questions" in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith.Terry lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Shari with five children and two grandchildren still residing in the Fort Collins area.


Member: Judith Torunchuk

Judith Toronchuk is retired from Trinity Western University  where she taught biological psychology and neuroscience in both the biology and psychology depts since 1992. She  received a BA in biology from Rutgers University where she first came in contact with ASA. Her early research was on the neural processing of audition, and after an MSc in zoology and PhD in physiological psychology from McGill, she continued auditory research at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Munich and then at UBC in Canada. Her most recent publications are on emotional and motivational systems in the brain.  Upon moving to British Columbia Judy became involved with both the CSCA local chapter in Vancouver and the Graduate Christian Union at UBC. She has been on the CSCA Executive as well as the Editorial board of PSCF.  She recently completed a MAThS in Interdisciplinary Studies at Regent College in Vancouver. She lives outside Vancouver with her husband Tim and has three children and nine grandchildren.