ASA Annual Meeting 2012
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Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's annual meeting a rich time of fellowship and stimulating discussion.

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Plenary Speakers 

Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, Lab of Structural Virology, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA

Journalism Professor, Point Loma & Author of Quantum Leap: How John Polkinghorne Found God in Science and Religion 

Public Relations and Interactive Marketing Counselor and Educator, Consultant for over 60 companies and organizations including JVC, USFDA, American Cancer Society, and Amazon

Philosopher, Theologian, Instructor, and Director of the Los Angeles Film Studies Center

Producer of 4 X-Men, Star Trek III, IV, V & VI, 2 Fantastic Fours, Cool It, Left Behind, and Mother Mary of Christ

Tentative Symposia Topics

Communicating Earth Science to the Public: Opportunities and Pitfalls
Why Public Relations Matters—PR Basic: Deliver the Message
Personal Branding and Social Media
Science, Religion, and the Newsroom
Christians and Science in Film
Appropriate Technologies
Genetics and Human Origins
Information and the Origin of Life
Science, Faith, and Engineering
Poster Session 
"Christianity and the Scientific Revolution" by Ted Davis
"Coming out Christian Online" by Pamela Gay 

Photos taken at ASA annual meeting 2011