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2012 ASA Annual Meeting

Check the program for  the schedule, abstracts, and index

Slides are pdf format; Audio links are mp3 format; CD format and DVD of plenaries are also available

Friday, 20 July 2012

8:30 AM–12:00 PM WORKSHOP 1 

Ted Davis, Leader:  "Christianity and the Scientific Revolution" slides (ASA members only)

1:00 PM–4:30 PM WORKSHOP 2 

Pamela Gay, Leader:  "Coming Out Christian Online" 

7:30 PM Plenary Session I

Rebecca Ver Straten-McSparran, "Embodied Visions” DVD | audio | slides

Saturday, 21 July 2012

8:45 AM Plenary Session II

John E. (Jack) Johnson, "Maturation of dsDNA Bacteriophage: Insights into Elegantly Programmed Nanomachines” DVD

10:15 AM Parallel Session I

I-A. Information, Genetics and Origins of Life

Stephen Freeland, "The Origins of Genetic Information” audio | slides

Walter Bradley, "What Do the Informational Requirements of the Origin of Life Imply?” audio | slides

Loren Haarsma, "Increasing Information and Self-Organizing Complexity: Some Examples" audio | slides

I-B. Teaching Science and Faith in the Curriculum

Raymond Lewis, "A Model of Science Higher Education as Christian Service in China” audio

Glenn Marsch, "Communicating Truths about Faith, Science, and Origins through a General Education Requirement” audio

John R. Staver, "The Indiana General Assembly and Creation Science: 2012 and Beyond” audio

I-C. Science and Faith: History, Philosophy, and Theology

Leslie Wickman, "Exploring the Wonders of Creation through the Lens of Science” audio | slides

Jimmy Davis, "Does Modern Science Communicate Purpose?” audio | slides

Edward Davis, "Altruism and the Administration of the Universe: Kirtley Fletcher Mather on Science and Values” audio | slides

I-D. Behavioral Sciences and Humanities

Janet Warren, "Science, Psi, Spirits, and Spirituality” audio | slides 

Max Bonilla, "The Integration of Faith and Reason: A New Anthropology for Science, the Humanities, and Higher Education” audio

Linn Carothers, "Living above the Pain: Keys to Raising a Resilient Jabez” audio | slides

1:15 PM Plenary Session III

Ralph Winter, "Christianity, Science, Politics, Blockbusters, and Independent Films: What Hollywood Portrays to the Public” DVD  | audio

2:45 PM Parallel Session II

II-A. Information, Genetics, and Origins of Life (cont’d)

Casey Luskin, "A Taxonomy of Information and the Design Inference” audio | slides

Randy Isaac, "What Is Information and Where Does It Come From?” audio | slides

Thomas Walters, "Domains of Inquiry and Evolution” audio | slides

Ann Gauger, "The Origin of Enzymes: All in the Family?” audio | slides

II-B. Communicating Earth Science to the Public

Darrel Falk, "BioLogos Workshops for Science Teachers in Christian Schools” audio

Davis Young, "Exchanging a Lie for the Truth: On Responding to Scientific Misinformation” audio

Joshua Rosenau, "The Bedrock of Science Communication: The Nature of Science” audio | slides

Keith Miller, "The Media and the Public Understanding of Paleontology” audio | slides

II-C. Christians and Science in Film

Paula Gossard, "If They Do It, It's Propaganda, but If We Do It, It's Education” audio

David Vosburg, "From the Dust and Test of Faith: Catalyzing Deeper Conversations on Science and Faith through Film” audio | slides | discussion

Hank Voss, "An Inclusive Science and Faith Message for the Media” audio | slides

Peter Hess, "Could an Extraterrestrial Be a Christian? Theology, Film, and the Evolution of Spiritual Consciousness” audio | slides

II-D. Science, Faith, Engineering, and Appropriate Technologies

Barbara Ressler, "Appropriate Medical Technology: Biomedical Engineering Projects in Macha, Zambia” audio

Barbara Ressler, "Low-Cost Technologies for the Disabled: Facilitating Access and Use of Water and Sanitation Facilities in Mali, West Africa” audio

Walter Bradley, "Increasing Income of Poor Coconut Farmers by Converting Their Agricultural Waste into Composite Materials” audio | slides

Dominic Halsmer, "Introducing the Possibility of Corruption to Facilitate Reverse Engineering of Natural Systems” audio

7:30 PM Movie

From the Dust movie | discussion



Sunday, 22 July 2012

9:00 AM Worship Service

Rev. Mark Trotter, "Seeing The Truth,” John 9:1–12, 18–25 DVD | audio

10:30 AM Plenary Session IV

Dean Nelson, "Science, Religion and the News Media”  DVD | audio | slides 


1:15 PM Parallel Session III

III-A. Information, Genetics and Origins of Life (cont’d)

Melissa Antonio, "Genetics and Human Origins” audio | slides

Mark Shelhamer, "The Nature and Purpose of Randomness” audio | slides

III-B. Christian Views on Science and Faith

David Bundrick, "Science Professors’ Science-Faith Integrative Paradigms: How Well Do They Integrate?” audio | slides

Mike Tenneson, "Faith and Science Integrative Paradigms of Assemblies of God Pastors, Educators, and Students” audio

III-C. Science and Faith: History, Philosophy, and Theology (cont’d)

Steven Ball, "God’s Two Books: Both Divine and ‘Natural’ Authors” audio

Hal Poe, "The English Bible and the Days of Creation: When Tradition Conflicts with Text” audio | slides

3:15 PM Parallel Session IV

IV-A. Information, Genetics and Origins of Life (cont’d)

Chris Osborne, "Implications of High Mutation Rates and Other Recent Genomic Advances upon the Question of Human Origins” audio

Deborah L. Osae-Oppong, "The Contribution of Bioinformatics to Evolutionary Thought” audio | slides

Paul Nelson, "What Is the Size and Topology of the Genomic Universe?” audio

IV-B. Resources for Dialogue and Engagement in Science and Faith

Jennifer Wiseman, "The AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion” audio

Deborah Haarsma, "The Ministry Theorem: Resources for Pastors and Churches” audio

IV-C. Science and Faith: History, Philosophy, and Theology (cont’d)

Richard Carlson, "The Voice from the Whirlwind and Natural Evil” audio

Paul Seely, "Why the Framework Hypothesis Does Not Work and What Does” audio

Denis Lamoureux, "Adam, Original Sin, and Human Evolution” audio

Monday, 23 July 2012

8:45 AM Plenary Session V

Christopher Perez, "Why Public Relations Matters: The Battle for Public Opinion” DVD | audio

10:15 AM Parallel Session V

V-A. Teaching Science and Faith in the Curriculum (cont’d)

Stephen Contakes, "Exploring the New Atheist Movement with Wilhelm Ostwald, Early Physical Chemistry's ‘New Atheist’” audio | slides

Michael Everest, "Augustine, Radiometric Dating, and First-Year Chemistry: A Guided-Inquiry Exercise”  slides

Blake Horridge, "Beyond the Lecture: Problem-Based Learning in Science and Religion Courses” audio

V-B. Personal Branding and Social Media

Stephen Mapes and Michael Marcacci, "Science, Faith, and Facebook: How Online Communications Can Improve the Dialogue” audio

Lara Touryan-Whelan, "Out of Step and Anti-Science? Integrating Science and Faith for Christian Youth through Modern Media and the Web” audio

Mary Ann Pearson, "Personal Branding and Social Media” audio

V-C. Why Public Relations Matters

David Fisher, "Pulling Weeds before Planting Seeds” audio

Caroline Crocker, "Bunk Detecting Principles to Help the Public Assess ‘Scientific’ Claims” audio | slides

Sandra Romo, "Delivering the Message—Public Relations Basics” audio