You may have received a warning of the kind at the right when trying to access the ASA website. We assure you that the ASA website is indeed safe. This page will try to explain the reason for this warning and what you can do if you receive it.

For many years there have been two main levels of security for websites, indicated by http:// for regular sites and https:// for higher security sites. The latter has been used for sites that involve financial data or personal information. Since the ASA uses a secure third-party for all financial transactions and personal data, we have been able to maintain the regular level for our site. However, the industry is now moving to a system in which all safe sites should use https:// Leading companies like Google and Norton are enforcing the change by flagging http:// sites as "dangerous" or "unsafe" even though their only fault is lacking the security certificate that enables the https:// level.

We have been working with our various hosts to upgrade all our sites to the higher level of security. We hope this will be completed in the next month. Meanwhile, here is what you can do if you receive the above warning and are unable to access our website. Usually, the warning appears when you are using the Chrome browser with the Norton Security Toolbar enabled. To access our site, you may either use another browser like Firefox or Safari or Edge or Vivaldi or else you can temporarily disable the Norton Security Toolbar. To do that, in the Chrome browser, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner; select "More Tools"; select "Extensions" as shown in the image at the right. Then scroll down to the Norton Security Toolbar and uncheck the "Enable" box, as shown in the image below.









If you have any questions or encounter problems, don't hesitate to email me at
Thank you for your continued support of the ASA.

Randy Isaac
ASA IT Consultant
ASA Director Emeritus