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6/21/2018 » 6/23/2018
“Bioethics and Being Human,” Deerfield, IL

7/27/2018 » 7/30/2018
2018 ASA Annual Meeting

8/13/2018 » 8/14/2018
“Our Place in the Cosmos?: Humanity, Spirituality, and the Awesome Universe,” Saskatoon, SK

8/29/2018 » 9/1/2018
“Being religious, being scientific: the dynamics of science and religion in the laboratory,” Sydney,

9/28/2018 » 9/29/2018
reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference, Orange County, CA

Resources from the ASA's 2011 Annual Meeting
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ASA 2011 Papers
Science-Faith Synergy: Glorifying God and Serving Humanity

Author Index

Plenary Sessions

  • Dinosaurs Under the Microscope: A New Look at Old Dinosaurs (I) Mary Schweitzer
  • Stem Cells, Embryos, and Ethics - A Continuing Controversy (II) William Hurlbut Audio
  • Glorifying God in a Scientific Milieu: The Contrasting Domains of Neuroscience and Reproduction (III) D. Gareth Jones Audio | Slides
  • Climate Change: Why Are Science and Faith in Conflict? (IV) Katharine Hayhoe Audio | Slides
  • Challenges, Changes and Chalices in the Natural Sciences (V) Dorothy Chappell Audio | Slides
  • Science-Faith Synergy: How We Can Glorify God and Serve Humanity by Caring for the Earth (VI) Steven Bouma-Prediger Audio | Slides

Global Meat Consumption: Health, Environmental and Ethical Concerns

  • How Does What We Eat Create Chronic Disease? (IC-1) Martin Root Audio
  • Environmental and Ethical Implications of Meat Consumption (IC-2) Stephen Hall Audio
  • Animal Rights or Responsible Stewardship (IC-3) Jerry Risser Audio
  • Food as a Moral Object: The Ethics of Eating (IC-4) James Thobobem Audio

Probing the Past: Contributions from Paleontology and Archaeology

  • The Study of Paleontology and the Creation Mandate (ID-1) Keith Miller Audio
  • Radiocarbon Dating Materials for Biblical Archaeology and Earthquakes in the Dead Sea Area (ID-2) Ken Wolgemuth Audio
  • Geography of the Eastern Nile Delta During the Bronze Age: Implications for the Location of the Red Sea (ID-3) Stephen Moshier Audio
  • The Location of the Red/Reed Sea in the Light of Recent Archaeological Work in Egypt (ID-4) James K. Hoffmeier

The Ethics of Neuroscience and Reproduction

  • Reorientation Therapies and Same-Sex Desire: Are They Effective and Ethical? (IID-1) Heather Looy Audio | Slides
  • The Reproductive Brain: Neurosexism and the Ethics of Sexuality (IID-2) William M. Struthers Audio | Slides
  • Epigenetic Mechanisms in Human Reproduction and Disease: An Ethical Analysis (IID-3) Brian Greuel Audio | Slides
  • Bioethics Panel Discussion (IID-4) Heather Looy, William Struthers, Brian Greuel, Gareth Jones, William Hurlbut Audio

Methodological Naturalism: Glorifying God Through Science?

  • Methodological Naturalism in Ancient and Medieval Science (IVC-1) Joseph Spradley Audio | Slides
  • Methodological Naturalism in the Scientific Revolution (IVC-1) Robert Bishop Audio | Slides
  • Science Has Limits - Why Methodological Naturalism Is a Good Thing (IVC-3)Kathryn Applegate Audio
  • In Defense of Methodological Neutrality (IVC-2) Bruce Gordon AudioSlides
  • When God Disappeared from Science Ronald Numbers Audio
  • Methodological Naturalism Panel Discussion (IVC-3) Kathryn Applegate, Robert Bishop, Bruce Gordon, Ronald Numbers, Joseph Spradley Audio

Seeking God's Wisdom for Science Teaching

  • Teaching Science & Religion - Mid-Career Reflections and Suggestions (IA-1) Denis O. Lamoureux Audio | Slides
  • Beyond Two Books: Metaphors for the Relationship Between Science and Religion in the 21st Century (IA-2) Keenon E. Dungey Audio | Slides
  • Defeating the Teaching of Creationism in the Public School Science Classroom (IA-3) John Staver Audio
  • The Role of Faith Structures in Mediating Reconciliation of Evolution and Personal Religious Beliefs (IA-4) Mark Winslow Audio | Slides
  • Chemistry as a Source of Wisdom: Chemistry Curriculum as a Tool for Exploring Faith-Science Dialogue (IIA-1) Stephen Contakes Audio
  • Christian Faculty at Christian Colleges and Universities: Sine Qua Non? (IIA-2) Bryce Sullivan Audio
  • Establishing an ASA Homeschool Science Resources Website (IIA-3) Douglas Hayworth Audio | Slides
  • Role of PUST for North Korean Agricultural Development and Food Security through Life Science Research (IIA-4) Pilju Kim Joo and Joshua J. Song Slides
  • Researching Science and Religion: Thoughts about Engaging in the Classroom (IIA-5) Bryan Clarke Audio

Environmental Stewardship

  • Replacing Human Exceptionalism with an Integrated Environmental Ethic (1B-1) Peter Hess Audio
  • All Data Are Equal, but Some Are More Equal Than Others (IB-2) Thomas L. Walters Slides
  • Earth Day: Origin and Development John Munday Audio | Slides
  • How to Engage Evangelicals in Conservation: The Implementation of Creation Care in Peru (IIB-1) Oscar Gonzalez Audio | Slides
  • Bluff Restoration and the Concordia Center for Environmenal Stewardship (IIB-3) Don Korte Jr. and Mary Korte Audio
  • Science and God's Earth-Protect Mandate (IIB-4) Ray Williams Audio

Seeking Wisdom in Science

  • Does Success of Science by Itself Provide Strong Support for Naturalism? (IIC-1) Peter Payne Audio
  • Metaphysical Considerations Enhance Reverse Engineering Studies (IIC-2) Dominic Halsmer Audio
  • Myth and Mystery: Fostering New Avenues of Dialogue for Faith and Science (IIC-3) Matthew M. Huddleston Audio | Slides
  • Fossils from Space: A Believer's Challenge or Blessing (IIC-4)Robert S. Geddes Audio
  • Kenosis and the Inspiration of Scripture (IIIC-1) George Murphy Audio
  • Uncertainty, Determinism, Scientific Method, and the Wisdom of Franz Boas (IIIC-2) David Newman Audio | Slides
  • The Fractal Nature of the Spiritual Journey (IVB-2)- A Metaphor Jason Hine Audio Video (zipped WMV, 25Mb)
  • Technology, Dispositional Values, and Virtue - Proposals for Addressing Emerging Technologies in Bioethics (IVB-2) Michael Sleasman

Witnessing God's Glory and Sovereignty in Creation

  • Quantum Openness and the Sovereignty of God (IIIA-1) Donald Petcher Audio | Slides
  • Prayers for Healing: Does God Change His Mind? (IIIA-2) Paul Lange Audio | Slides
  • The Magnitude of God (IIIA-3) Pamela Bryant Audio | Slides

God's Will and Origins

  • God's Providence in Nature: The Fogotten Doctrine in the Relationship Between Science and Faith (IIIB-1) Gregory Bennett Audio | Slides
  • Dysteleology, Holoteleology, or Intelligent Design (IIIB-2) David Wilcox and David Hoferer Audio | Slides
  • New Entropy Model for Biopolymer Folding: Yet Another Sign of the Divine Ingenuity in God's Creation (IIIB-3) Wayne K. Dawson Audio

Worldview Perspectives and Creation Debates

  • Biblical Portraits: Creation and Worldview Richard Carlson Audio
  • Making Converts to Evolution: Methodological Naturalism as a Rehetorical Weapon in the Origin of Species Stephen C. Dilley Audio
  • An Answer to Whitcomb and Morris's The Genesis Flood Paul Seely Audio

Seeking God's Wisdom: The Life of the Individual

  • Physicians in the Biblical World (IVA-1) Edwin Yamauchi Audio
  • The Father's World (IVA-2) Joseph Lechner Audio
  • The Burden of Proof: Harry Rimmer and the Legacy of Scientific Apologetics (IVA-3) Bethany Solleder Audio
  • Christian, Engineer, and Entrepeneur: How Are They Related (IVA-4) William M. Jordan Audio