ASA Local Chapters
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What is a Local Chapter?

As a membership based organization, ASA local chapters provide members with opportunities to engage with each other within a specific local context. Chapter events provides venues for learning, discussion, interaction with the broader faith and educational communities around important issues of science and faith. 

What is ASA's vision for Local Chapters? 

  • To increase active local chapters- ASA encourages the establishment of new Local Chapters around the U.S. and Canada. The ASA Executive Director and Director of Operations and Development will intentionally engage ASA members who desire to start a new Chapter to provide guidance and support.
  • Serve current ASA members- Members of ASA local chapters will find meaningful connections for their spiritual and professional journeys, and find opportunities to serve out of the depth of their experience.
  • Engage emerging adults- ASA Local Chapters will engage in very intentional ways with the church and academic communities to ensure that students and young science professionals are participating in the important faith/science dialog and developing relationships that will facilitate their personal and professional growth. As these emerging adults progress in their professional careers they will become the future leaders in science and the church, and in the organization of the ASA itself.
  • Influence the influencers- ASA’s broad and diverse national membership base and Local Chapter structure provide an exceptional opportunity to bring together and enrich the science, academic, and faith communities. Church communities will become more aware of issues of faith and science integration and more willing to enter into these conversations. Educators will be equipped to prepare student to be the future leaders in the faith/science dialog. ASA members will be supported in their professional lives to confidently pursue scholarship and research informed by a Christian worldview.

How do I start a local ASA Chapter? 

ASA members considering the formation of a Local Chapter should contact the ASA Executive Director or Director of Operations and Development to discuss the application form and process. Formation of a Local Chapter requires three current ASA members who will be authorized signatories on the Local Chapter application. All must be current ASA members in good standing. Two founding members should have a science or technical background and/or degree in a STEM field. One founding member may be a student or affiliate member. 

Download the application and review the ASA Statement of Faith that can be found here. Complete all sections of the application and submit it to the ASA Office by emailing

A completed application should be submitted to the ASA Office. The application will be reviewed and approved by the Executive Director in consultation with the Executive Council. The Local Chapter contact will be notified upon approval and will be authorized to use the ASA name and logo in its communications.

What happens after my application is accepted and my Chapter has been formed? 
  • The formation of the Local Chapter will be announced to the general ASA membership via email and/or the ASA Newsletter. Officers will be listed and ASA members in proximity to the new Chapter will be encouraged to join. Chapter leaders are encouraged to contribute to the announcement email/article. Chapter leaders may also create a targeted announcement to ASA members in their area via the ASA membership database.
  • The newly formed Local Chapter will be added to the ASA website “Chapters and Groups” page. Chapter leaders will be able to customize the content of this page.
  • The Chair of the Local Chapter will be granted permissions to access Local Chapter member records in the ASA membership database, Your Membership (YM). The Chair will also be able to send emails through YM, set up Chapter event registrations, and maintain a Chapter blog and/or forum discussions if desired.

How do I start an ASA Chapter on my college/university campus?

Formation of a Student Chapter is much like a regular Local Chapter however it also requires one or two Faculty Advisor(s) and one or two Students who are current ASA members. These ASA members will be authorized signatories on the Student Chapter application. All must be current ASA members in good standing. At least one Faculty Advisor should have a science or technical background and/or degree in a STEM field.

Founding Student members will work with their Advisor(s) to determine the structure of the Student Chapter. Chapter officers may consist of a Coordinator, Co-Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large.

ASA Student Chapters must comply with all institutional policies and protocols for on-campus student groups. It is the responsibility of the Advisor(s) and Student members to ensure that the ASA Student Chapter receives any necessary approvals to be recognized as a legitimate student group on campus.
Still want to know more?

View the ASA Local Chapter Handbook to find out more about the organization of a local chapter and the finances involved in maintaining one. 

We also have a Canadian Affiliate. Click here to learn more about the CSCA!