Events in Boston
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2/1/2012 at 7:05:14 PM GMT
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Events in Boston
The Boston Chapter Kick-off Party was a success! Thanks to all of our speakers and guests, and regrets to those who couldn't make it. 

We're going to have a few smaller, coffee-shop/group dinner style meetings in February, but we want to start looking ahead and planning big.

What are your ideas for events or conferences you'd like to see hosted by Boston's ASA chapter? Do you know any good upcoming speakers? Do you know of a topic that's particularly germane to folks living in New England that we could feature in a panel?

Post your thoughts, suggestions, and critiques here. 

2/2/2012 at 7:16:20 AM GMT
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I like the dinner / coffee shop ideas.  I don't mind driving up if it is going to be in the evening, around 7pm. 


For presentations, maybe one might be on how we incorporate our faith in our work.   I'm sure I could put some of my thoughts together on the subject and present. 

Another topic I can think of is how to talk to others in church who are afraid that science would displace their faith.  I know many people who are extremely skeptical of anything to do with science, because they believe that science takes away from what God does in the world.

If I think of more, I'll post again.