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2018 ASA Annual Meeting

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“Our Place in the Cosmos?: Humanity, Spirituality, and the Awesome Universe,” Saskatoon, SK

Evolution - delusion or reality?
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7/28/2013 at 12:45:19 PM GMT
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Evolution - delusion or reality?
However much we may wish to deny it, there is overwhelming evidence from studies in paleontology, biology and genetics that evolution is no longer a theory but a fact - a process which is fundamental to the universe and life. The hoaxes about the Piltdown skull, Ernst Haechel's fake drawings (which he later redrew) and the incompatibility between evolution and the second law of thermodynamics (which is not true) do not cast doubt on evolution. Rival ideas such as intelligent design and creationism reveal serious cracks and are contradicted by the various branches of science. The Qur'an which acknowledges the authenticity of previously revealed Books (in their original form), subscribes to evolution. The Book (a 7th century document) lays down the principles of evolution: its tree-like pattern, evolutionary relationship of all living things including man, the role of environment, extinction and survival, mutation and selection, the gradual emergence of modern man from pre-human ancestors and so on. It describes a creative process which is evolutionary in nature; chemical, biological, mental and cultural evolution. These concepts are expressed in precise scientific language. There is no human explanation on account of the time interval during which they were formulated. One is driven to invoke a superior mind to explain such ultra-modern data.

There is no separate, scientific or philosophical truth, only a unified truth whatever its source. - Joseph Noor