Cosmos 2nd round?
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12/4/2014 at 7:25:48 PM GMT
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Cosmos 2nd round?

There seems to be some serious talk about another Cosmos series with Neil Tyson:


Assuming the 3 million viewers per week for the last series, perhaps it would be helpful if they could get some assistance from us to avoid some of the more atheistic-friendly claims made in regards to the church's actions against Galileo and Bruno.  Perhaps they are done with this sort of history, however.


I enjoyed the special Cosmos comments posted here in ASA following each presentation, but how nice it would be if they would make use of the great knowledge of many of our members and  possibly avoid any unnecessary conflict.


12/8/2014 at 1:03:48 PM GMT
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I agree, and wonder if in a second round Cosmos might even briefly examine the current state of science and faith discussion, and perhaps recognize some of the work being done (e.g., the CTNS volumes per the Vatican, Zygon journal, etc.) and the people doing it (e.g., Polkinghorne, Murphy, Van Till, etc.). Perhaps a well-worded letter to Tyson might encourage him to investigate?

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