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Science Held Hostage

Resources on Science and Christian Faith is a collection of resources from Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith and from presentations at ASA meetings. Click on the More Resources button to find these resources organized by topic.

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Who is ASA

We in the American Scientific Affiliation believe that God is both the creator of our vast universe and is the source of our ability to pursue knowledge — also, that honest and open studies of both scripture and nature are mutually beneficial in developing a full understanding of human identity and our environment. Two things unite the members of the ASA: 1) belief in orthodox Christianity and 2) a commitment to mainstream science. ASA members are dedicated to promoting ethically and methodologically sound research and dialogue. The ASA is not an advocacy organization. Where there is honest disagreement on an aspect of science, Christian faith, or the relationship between the two, the ASA strives to create a safe environment in which dialogue can flourish and diverse, even contrasting, ideas can be discussed with courtesy and respect.

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The ASA Mission

To integrate and to interpret the discoveries of the natural and social sciences with the insight derived from Scripture and Christian theology; to communicate scientific knowledge, ethical concerns, and the results of this integration and interpretation to the public, the scientific community, and the church, promoting understanding and dialogue among these groups; to provide a community of fellowship for Christians involved in science and related fields; and to engage scientific colleagues in matters of faith and scholarship.

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“Keeping Time with the Divine Clockmaker," Deerfield, IL and streaming

Réseau des Scientifiques Evangéliques. Paris, France

“Signs of the Kingdom: Miracles in the New Testament and Today,” Deerfield, IL and streaming