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This blog compiles the occasional musings of Randy Isaac who was ASA Executive Director from 2005 to 2016 and is now ASA Director Emeritus.


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Posted By Randall D. Isaac, Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Retirement! One of the fond hopes of retirement is to finally have the time to do so many things that fall in the “I’ll do that when I retire” category. I had been warned that this was just a fantasy and indeed so far it is. The long list of books I planned to read and tasks to do still loom as something for which I have no time.

One of the unexpected effects so far has been the impact of a change in routine. For 60 years my life has been governed by someone else’s schedule. School hours for 21 years and office hours for 40. Little did I realize the extent to which it governed my life. From meal times to when and where to go grocery shopping to dietary habits, everything revolved around the infrastructure of a schedule imposed on me by circumstances. The first reaction in retirement is to keep the same schedule. Pretend that important tasks need to be done on the same timetable and keep those hours. But that seems pointless. What’s the use of being retired then? So a new routine needs to be invented. And coordinated with my wife’s whose life has now been rudely interrupted. I suspect it will take a good deal of trial and error to work it out. The freedom is enjoyable—at least for now.

I was most grateful for the outpouring of expressions of love and appreciation by so many ASA members through email and at the retirement events earlier this month. The book of memories I was given was extraordinary and an incredible treasure. Many people saw the live streaming of the event and others can see it in the recording at My comments at that meeting include some thoughts that I’d like to pursue in these musings to come. But for now, my brain just needs a little relaxation.

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Posted By Randall D. Isaac, Thursday, March 31, 2016
Updated: Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tonight I pass the leadership of the ASA to the capable hands of Leslie Wickman. In this final note as the Executive Director, I'd like to express my deep gratitude to:

  • God for raising up and sustaining this organization for 75 years
  • All of you as members of the ASA for your support and encouragement
  • The 16 council members with whom I have had the privilege of working
  • The dedicated and talented staff who do all the work, including Jack, Lyn, Marty, Vicki, Emily, Carol, Jim, Terry, Craig, and many others
  • All of you who have generously and sacrificially donated to ASA, enabling our operation

Leslie has graciously agreed to have me continue as a part-time volunteer IT consultant and to keep my email address at I would like to keep in touch with all of you via a newly established blog that I've called "Musings of the ASA Director Emeritus." I do not know what topics I'll cover or how often I'll write something or if anyone will be interested. The URL is:
If you wish, you may click on "subscribe" on that page to be notified of any posts.

May God continue to sustain the ASA for his honor and glory,

Randy Isaac
Executive Director Emeritus

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