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Human Identity, Paris, France

“C.S. Lewis, Christian Faith, and Natural Science,” Wheaton, IL

2018 Winter Day Conference—So. Cal. Christians in Science

1/30/2018 » 1/31/2018
“Darwin's Doubt and The Return of the God Hypothesis,” Waxahachie, TX

2/2/2018 » 2/3/2018
“A Modern Creature: Science and the Doctrine of Creation in Modern Theology,” Deerfield, IL Streamin

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2013 ASA Annual Meeting

Check the program for the schedule, abstracts, and index

Video links are mp4 format; Audio links are mp3 format; Slides are pdf format

Friday, 19 July 2013

7:30 PM Plenary Session I.A Jeff Cornwall, "Entrepreneurs as Stewards" video | audio | slides

Saturday, 20 July 2013

8:45 AM Plenary Session II.A Mary Wagner, "Taking the Road Less Traveled: Building Bones for Christ"
video | audio | slides

Oral Session II II.B. Appropriate Technology and Stewardship II.C. Science and Faith: History, Philosophy, and Theology
II.D. Genetics, Paleobiology, and the History of Life
10:30 AM Terry Gray, "Feeling the Heat—Globally"
audio | slides
Dominic Halsmer, "What Hath Stuttgart to do with Jerusalem? Exploring a Model of God as Engineer” audio | slides David Campbell, "A Brief History of Slime: 550 Million Years of Mollusks"
audio | slides
11:00 AM John Greenplate, "High-Tech Crops and Low-Tech Farming: Small-Holder Benefits from Adoption of Insect-Protected Biotech Cotton in West Africa" audio | slides Peter Hess, "Evolving into the Image of God"
audio | slides
Loren Haarsma, "Models of Evolving Interlocking Complexity in Biology and Economics"
audio | slides
11:30 AM William Jordan, "Christian Humanitarian Engineering"
audio | slides
George Murphy, "The Real Presence of Christ in the Real World"
audio | prose
Ralph Stearley, "Metaphoric Lexical-Semantic Capacity in the Erection of a Cognitive Platform for Humanity during the Paleolithic" audio | slides

1:15 PM Plenary Session III.A James Van Dam, "Faith, Fusion Energy, and Federal Service" video | audio | slides

Oral Session III III.B. Physical Sciences: Recent Advances and Implications III.C. Science and Faith: History, Philosophy, and Theology (cont’d) III.D. Communicating Science and Faith in the Classroom, Church, and the Media
3:00 PM Matthew Huddleston,
"The Challenge of the 4th Dimension in Modern Physics and Biblical Orthodoxy”
audio | slides
Steve Robinson, "Dealing with Natural Selection in Scripture”
audio | slides
Paul Arveson, "Exaggerations and the Troubles They Cause”
audio | slides
3:30 PM Clarence Menninga, "Inventiveness in Portraying God’s Handiwork”
audio | slides
Mark Shelhamer, "Can We Really Know Anything at All?”
audio | slides
Stephen Contakes, "Atomic-Molecular Theory: An Opportunity for Exploring the Foundations of Science and Religion Dialogue in the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum” audio | slides
4:00 PM Arnold Sikkema, "Emergence in Physics: Signposts of Creativity” audio | slides
Scott Symington, "Cameras of the Watchman: The Real Relationship between Science and Religion”
audio | slides
Tony Jelsma and Jeff Ploegstra, "Global Problem Solving: Using an Interdisciplinary Approach to Engage Students in Addressing Global Problems”
audio | slides

5:30 PM Banquet Ming Wang, "Faith and Science: Friends or Foes?” video | audio | summary | Life Story

Sunday, 22 July 2013

9:30 AM Session IV.A. Worship Service
1:30 PM Plenary Session V.A. Andrew Bocarsly, "A Chemist’s View on Interacting with God’s Creation on Campus and in the Business World: Carbon Dioxide, a Problem and an Opportunity”
video | audio | slides

Oral Session V V.B. Appropriate Technology and Stewardship (cont’d) V.C. Genetics, Paleobiology, and the History of Life (cont’d) V.D. Communicating Science and Faith in the Classroom, Church, and the Media (cont’d)
3:15 PM
Keith Miller, "The Fossil Record and the Cambrian ‘Explosion’: An Update”
audio | slides
Francis Su, "Lessons from ‘The Lesson of Grace in Teaching’”
3:45 PM Ruth Douglas Miller,
"Our Electricity Future”
audio | slides
David Wilcox, "Updated Notes on Genetic Prehistory”
audio | slides
Kathleen Tallman, "Faith Integration in the Context of an Undergraduate Cadaver Lab” audio | slides
4:15 PM Martin Price, "Using Science to Help the Extremely Poor”
audio | slides

V.E. Faith and Ethics in Biomedical Science

Jay Hollman, "Medical Ethics and Health Care Reform”
audio | slides

David Vosburg, "Catalyzing Compatibility of Evolution and Christian Faith”
audio | slides

Monday, 23 July 2013

8:45 AM Plenary Session VI.A Bruce Vojak, "The Love of Innovation: Toward a Theology of Breakthrough Corporate Innovation” video | audio | slides

Oral Session VI VI.B. Appropriate Technology and Stewardship (cont’d) VI.C. Science and Faith: History, Philosophy, and Theology (cont’d) VI.D. Communicating Science and Faith in the Classroom, Church, and the Media (cont’d)
10:30 AM

Joshua Weed, "Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites: A Means to Ascribe Global Economic Value to Unique Renewable Resources in Developing Countries”
audio | slides

Lanny Vincent, "Awe and Wonder: A Biblical Nudge to Scientists and Engineers When Innovating”
audio | slides
Denis Lamoureux, "The Flip (Blended) Classroom for Science and Religion: Some Preliminary Observations” 
audio | slides 
11:00 AM Ray Williams, "The ‘Image of God’: Its Scriptural Setting”
audio | slides
John Staver, "Examining Hoosier Legislators’ Continuing Attempts to Legislate Teaching Religion in Science Class with Four Lenses: Science, Religion, Law, and Truth”
audio | slides
11:30 AM David Winyard, "Creativity and Transhumanism: Where Are the Limits?”
audio | slides
David Saunders, "Parallel Standards for Disclosing Inventions and Disclosing the Gospel”
audio | slides