2015 Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation

Campus of ORU

at Oral Roberts University (Tulsa OK),

July 24-27.


This year's conference-theme is
"Hearing God's Voice in Nature"


ASA's Homepage for the 2015 Meeting has links for the
SlideShowRegistration Brochure - Online Registration.
This page has "When you arrive on-campus ..." , and
traveling by City Bus after Car - Plane - Bus - Train.
Also, Lodging + Meals (it's one reason ASA Meetings
are my favorite conferences) and Tourist Information ,

contact us (to ask about the conference or traveling),
plus old Travel/Tourist pages from 2008-2014.


* I.O.U. - This link isn't available yet, but will be soon.


chapel on campus of McMaster University

When you arrive on-campus,

your first stop can be the ASA Registration Center in Hamill Student Center, "K" on the west side of the campus map.  You can park in Lot-G.


For navigation with GPS or web-maps, the general address for ORU is 7777 South Lewis Ave, Tulsa OK 74171.


The website of Oral Roberts University (ORU) has driving directions and a campus map (& parking map) plus...

    their Vision & Mission - About ORU - Whole-Person Education - ORU Experience for the mind & body & spiritVirtual Tours - Facts - and more.


for Tulsa,

the Time Zone is CT (CDT) ,

7-Day Weather Forecast — W-Network  Farmer's Almanac  W-Underground.


• TRAVELING to Oral Roberts University by Car - Plane - Bus - Train


• TRAVELING inside Tulsa

using local bus service from Tulsa Transit (with a trip planner) might be useful if you travel to Tulsa by plane or bus.





If you're driving (or flying), please help others get to the conference (they will appreciate this) and please use the Ride Board, and do this ASAP. 

Why?  Because our forum-topic "for Car Drivers & Riders" might help others make their plans.  For example, if they can ride with you, they may do this instead of buying a ticket for a plane or bus.  But they must know that you're driving before they buy their ticket — and usually the sooner a ticket is purchased the cheaper it is, and more scheduling options are still open — so if you post your “ride offered” information ASAP this may help someone make plans.  Thanks!   :<)

Why?  Sharing is cheaper for everyone, more planet-friendly (conserve resources, reduce emissions), and you can “start the conference early” (and make it last longer on the way back) with interesting conversations during your trips.

How?  click this link and Sign In (as an ASA member, or register for free);  enter one of the two "ASA Meeting 2015" forums — for Car Drivers & Riders or from Airport (sharing rides) — and read the first post (by C. Rusbult) for an overview, and messages already posted, then (if you want) write your message.



For your GPS navigation system (or GoogleMaps - YahooMaps - Mapquest) the general address of Oral Roberts University is 7777 South Lewis Ave, Tulsa OK 74171, and for ASA's Registration Center is ==== [available later].  ORU provides driving directions.



If you're flying (or driving), please use the Ride Board, and do this ASAP.  Why?  Because for ground transport some options are cheaper when shared, and using our Ride Board "from Airport" might help you find a partner(s) to share a ride.

Tulsa International Airport is TUL, and its website (tulsaairports.com) has a link for "To and From TUL" with links for buses & shuttles - rental cars - taxis - and...

To ride on a local city bus, use Tulsa Transit's trip planner, enter "Tulsa International Airport, E Apache St, Tulsa, 74115" and "7777 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, 74136" plus your choices for Time and Options.;  a trip costs $1.75 and takes 90-100 minutes.

For more airport-information, Tulsa-Airport.com (transportation says "The airport is served by Tulsa Transit bus 203, west toward downtown and south toward Memorial and 31st.) — iFlyWorld Airport GuidesWikipedia


• For the return trip, from Oral Roberts to TUL airport, at the conference there will be an old-fashioned physical Sharing Board where you can write information, offers, and requests.


chapel on campus of McMaster University

• by BUS

Megabus doesn't have routes in Oklahoma.


Greyhound Bus — Usually, rates are much cheaper if you purchase in advance: Deals and Discounts.

The station in Tulsa is "317 S Detroit, Tulsa, OK 74120" which (along with "7777 South Lewis Ave, 74171" for Oral Roberts) you can enter into a trip planner of the local bus system to get the plan for a 35-minute trip on the "112 Lewis/Jenks Southbound" bus, for $1.75.

an example fare on Greyhound:  A two-way trip from St. Louis is $94 (for Advance Purchase, checked April 7) and takes 8-9 hours, leaves 4 times/day.


• by TRAIN

Amtrak doesn't go to Tulsa, but it has a route from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City, with 5 stations in OK.




Both are available at Oral Roberts University – see Registration Brochure (page 5).

Benefits of On-Campus Lodging & Meals:  ASA's Annual Meetings are my favorite conferences, and one reason is their meal policy because we all eat together.  This is a great way for everyone to meet and get involved with informal conversations, 3 times each day. (in addition to discussions between talks and at night)   Most people stay on-campus, which also makes meeting-and-talking easier, as I (Craig Rusbult, writer of this travel-page) explain here.

spacer chapel on campus of McMaster University  




ASA offers Field Trips for ==== [information will be available later].

Virtual Tour of Oral Robers University (source of "Inside ORU" photos in this page)

in Tulsa:  Visit Tulsa (things to do sitemap) - TripAdvisor - WorldGuides - Travelok - from O.R.U. - Wikipedia -



Contact Us if you have questions:
about Oral Roberts and Tulsa, ...
      Wesley Odom (local chair), podom@oru.edu
about this page, Craig Rusbult - crusbult@wisc.edu ,
about registration, Marty Herdrich - marty@asa3.org



For travel-and-tourism information about previous meetings:
2014 - Hamilton, ON    2013 - Nashville    2012 - San Diego    2011 - Chicago (suburbs) 
2010 - Washington D.C.
    2009 - Waco, TX    2008 - Newberg (near Portland)