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Holiday Lecture: “The Art of Science and Spirit,” Washington, DC

Call for Papers: “Practical Applications of Faith and Science,” Pasadena, CA

“Is Faith Delusional,” Manchester, England

“Study of Extraterrestrial Samples to Understand the Heavens and the Earth,” Socorro, NM

Practical Applications of Faith and Science, Pasadena, CA

Local Chapter: Boston
Group Pages

Welcome to the homepage of ASA Boston!

We are a local group of Christians in the sciences living in or near Boston, MA. If you are new to the area or interested in exploring questions of science and faith, please check out our group calendar to learn about upcoming events and meetups. We usually host a talk each month near MIT.
You can also get involved by emailing our group administrator, Randy Isaac:
We look forward to meeting you!

Mystery of the Cosmological Constants: Evidence for the Existence of God?

Yes: Walter Bradley
No:  Randy Isaac

ASA Fellows Walter Bradley and Randy Isaac discussed the implications of the amazing precision of the cosmological constants.

Friday Oct 2, 2015 7:00PM to 9:30PM at the Thirsty Ear pub at MIT

1. ASA Fellow Craig Story introduced the topic and Walter Bradley who gave the opening talk. The audio file is here and his slides can be seen here. This photo shows Walter starting his presentation.

2. Then Craig introduced Randy Isaac who gave a response. His audio file is here and the photo during his presentation.

3. Finally, there was a half-hour of Q&A which you can hear here and see them in action.



Human Genome Editing: What is Possible and What is Problematic

Douglas Lauffenburger, chair of bioengineering at MIT

 The God of Ebola? Faith, Science, and Sickness

Lucas Mix, priest and evolutionary biologist, led a discussion on the place of Ebola in creation. How do we think about natural dangers?

Copy of slides March 6, 2015

Lucas Mix talks about the definition of life



Owen Gingerich presents three lectures. Note: The book based on these lectures is now available from Harvard University Press.

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