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Trinity and the AJP hoax
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3/21/2012 at 10:39:29 AM GMT
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Trinity and the AJP hoax

The American Journal of Physics and the American Association of Physics Teachers are not guilty of having an "unnecessarily narrow view," they are guilty of lying in order to cause people not to believe in the Bible.

According to the Bible, God created the universe from nothing and keeps it in existence. A reason to believe in the Bible is that science has not yet been able to explain the Big Bang, the origin of life, and evolution.

Natural selection only explains adaptation, not common descent. Biologists have a thermodynamic model for the primary structure of a protein. It is like an English sonnet. The odds of getting an English sonnet in 3 billion years by the random selection of letters is close to zero. This is why it can be said that evolution violates the second law. It is not really the law that is violated, but the model biologists use to understand evolution. The theory of natural selection doesn't violate the second law because biologists, not laymen, understand the limitations of the theory.

What the AJP articles do is calculate the entropy of the biosphere using Boltzmann's constant to prove that evolution does not violate the second law. The equation is a hoax. It is like calculating the entropy of a deck of cards or the temperature of a deck of cards.

By the way, my understanding of the trinity is this: When humans communicate with each other, the communication is imperfect. You never perfectly understand what the other person is saying. But when God communicates Himself to mankind the communication is perfect. God communicates Himself to us in three ways. He created us and keeps us in existence (the Father). He gave us everlasting life (the Son). He answers our prayers (the Holy Spirit).

David Roemer